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Balmaceda, M., Högselius, P., Johnson, C., Pleines, H., Rogers, D. & Tynkkynen, V.-P. “Energy Materiality: A Conceptual Review of Multi-disciplinary Approaches“. Energy Research & Social Science 56 (2019): 101220.

Högselius, P. “Om oljan tog slut idag skulle världen kollapsa“. Svenska Dagbladet, 1 juli 2019.

Högselius, P. “I begynnelsen var oljan – sedan kom oljemänniskan“. Svenska Dagbladet, 30 juni 2019.

Högselius, P. “Taking on Technocracy: Nuclear Power in Germany, 1945 to the Present by Dolores L. Augustine” (book review). Social History 44 (2019): 269-271.

Högselius, P. “Behovet av kyla satte fart på Amerikas modernisering“. Svenska Dagbladet, 31 mars 2019.

Högselius, P. & Kaijser, A. “Energy Dependence in Historical Perspective: The Geopolitics of Smaller Nations“. Introduction to a special issue. Energy Policy 127 (2019): 438-444.

Kaijser, A. & Högselius, P. “Under the Damocles Sword: Managing Swedish Energy Dependence in the Twentieth Century“. Energy Policy 126 (2019): 157-164.

Högselius, P. “Stenkolet försatte Europa i ett färgrus“. Svenska Dagbladet, 24 November 2018, 42-43.

Avango, A., Högselius, P. & Nilsson, D. “Swedish Explorers, In-Situ Knowledge, and Resource-Based Business in the Age of Empire”. Scandinavian Journal of History 43 (2018): 324-347.

Högselius, P. & Yao, D. “The Hidden Integration of Eurasia: East-West Relations in the History of Technology“. Acta Baltica Historiae et Philosophiae Scientiarium 5 (2017), 2.

Vikström, H. & Högselius, P. “From Cryolite to Critical Metals: Understanding Greenland as a Minerals Paradise”, in Heritage and Change in the Arctic: Resources for the Present – and the Future, ed. Robert Chr. Thomsen and Lill Rastad Bjørst, pp. 177-211. Aalborg: Aalborg University Press, 2017.

Vikström, H., Högselius, P. & Avango, D. “Swedish Steel and Global Resource Colonialism: Sandviken’s Quest for Turkish Chromium, 1925-1950“. Scandinavian Economic History Review 65 (2017): 307-325.

Högselius, P. “‘The Gas Weapon’ by Alex Shiriaieff” (film review). Slavic Review 75 (2016): 160-161.

Högselius, P. “När gränskontroller blev en europeisk paradgren“. Svenska Dagbladet, 10 January 2016.

Högselius, P. “‘The Conquest of the Russian Arctic’ by Paul Josephson” (book review). Technology & Culture 56 (2015): 761-763.

Högselius, P. “Arktis en sliten kugge i Sovjets maskineri“. Svenska Dagbladet, 28 February 2015.

Högselius, P. “The Saudi Arabia of the Far East: The Rise and Fall of China as an Oil ExporterThe Extractive Industries and Society 2 (2015): 411-418.

Yao Dazhi & Högselius, Per (2015). “Transforming the Narrative of the History of Chinese Technology: East and West in Bertrand Gille’s Histoire des Techniques”. Acta Baltica Historiae et Philosophiae Scientarum 3 (1): 9-26.

Avango, D., Högselius, P. & Vikström, H. ”Colonizing the Poles”. Seminar 673 (September 2015): 64-68.

Högselius, P. “Uppfinningen som fick Frankrike att stråla“. Svenska Dagbladet, 16 March 2014.

Högselius, P. “The ‘Nuclear Renaissance in Historical Perspective’: A Critical Analysis”. In Taiwan: An Island Swamped in Technological Controversies, ed. W.-J. Wang & D. Fu & M.-F. Fang, pp. 73-85. National Chiao Tung University Press, Hsinchu, Taiwan, 2014. [in Chinese]

Avango, D. & Högselius, P. “Under the Ice: Exploring the Arctic’s Energy Resources, 1898-1985”. In Christensen, M., Nilsson, A. & Wormbs, N. (eds.), When the Ice Breaks: Media and the Science and Politics of Climate Change. Basingstoke and New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013.

Högselius, P. “Ständig oro att skogen skulle ta slut“. Populär Historia, No. 7, 2013.

Van der Vleuten, E. & Högselius, P. (2012), “Resisting Change? The transnational dynamics of European energy regimes”, in Verbong, G. & Loorbach, D. (eds.), Governing the Energy Transition: Reality, illusion or necessity? (London: Routledge), pp. 75-100.

Högselius, P. “Havet – från hem till utsikt och badbalja“. Svenska Dagbladet, 16 June 2011.

Högselius, P. “Mördandets epok summerad“. Svenska Dagbladet, 11 May 2011.

Högselius, P. “Spår i sand berättar om Jordens historia“. Svenska Dagbladet, 13 April.

Högselius, P. (2011), “Das Neue aufrechterhalten: Die ‘neue Kernenergie’ in historischer Perspektive“, in Kehrt, C., Schüssler, P. & Weitze, M.-D. (eds.), Neue Technologien in der Gesellschaft: Akteure, Erwartungen, Kontroversen und Konjunkturen (Bielefeld: transcript).

Högselius, P. (2011), “Challenging Chernobyl’s Legacy: Nuclear power policies in Europe, Russia and North America in the early 21st century”, in Xu, Yi-Chong (ed.), Nuclear Energy Development in Asia: Problems and Prospects (Basingstoke and New York: Palgrave MacMillan).

Högselius, P. “Tillbaka till framtiden: de fossila bränslenas uppgång och fall“. KTH & Co, No. 4, 2011.

Högselius, P. “Strandfynden var Annings universitet“. Svenska Dagbladet, 12 november 2010.

Högselius, P. (2010), “The Decay of Communism: Managing Spent Nuclear Fuel in the Soviet Union, 1937-1991”, Risk, Hazards and Crisis in Public Policy, vol. 1, no. 4.

Högselius, P. (2010), “Lost in Translation: Science, Technology and the State since the 1970s”, in Lundin, P., Stenlås, N. and Gribbe, J. (eds.), Science for Welfare and Warfare: Technology and State Initiative in Cold War Sweden, Sagamore Beach, MA: Science History Publications, pp. 251-274.

Högselius, P. “Tysklands återförening började i Moskva“. Svenska Dagbladet, 12 augusti 2010.

Högselius, P. & Kaijser, A. (2010), “The politics of electricity deregulation in Sweden: the art of acting on multiple arenas”, Energy Policy, vol. 38, no. 5, pp. 2245-2254.

Högselius, P. “Hållbar utveckling som historiskt fenomen“. Finsk tidskrift, No. 5/6, 2009.

Högselius, P. (2009), “Science, Technology and Politics in the GDR” (review essay) Europe-Asia Studies, vol. 61, no. 5, pp. 881-885.

Högselius, P. “Kaotisk historia föregår våldet i Xinjiang“. Svenska Dagbladet, 8 July 2009.

Högselius, P. (2009), “The Internationalization of the European Electricity Industry: The Case of Vattenfall”, Utilities Policy, vol. 17, no. 3/4, pp. 258-266.

Högselius, P. (2009), “Spent nuclear fuel policies in historical perspective: an international comparison”, Energy Policy, vol. 37, no. 1, pp. 254-263.

Huisman, J., Santiago, P., Högselius, P., Lemaitre, M.J. and Thorn, W. (2007), OECD Review of Tertiary Education: Estonia (Paris: OECD), 118 pp.

Högselius, P. (2007), Postmodern Power: The Cultural Shift in Electricity System-Building at the Turn of the Millennium”, an essay of a different kind, from a conference in Rotterdam, 7-10 June.

Högselius, P. (2007), ”The Nordic Shaping of Innovation in Estonia: Case Studies from Mobile Communications and E-Government”, Nordic and Baltic Journal of Information and Communication Technologies, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 61-73.

Högselius, P. & Kaijser, A. (2007), ”Använt kärnbränsle som resurs: exemplen Tyskland, Ryssland och Japan”, SKB Samhällsforskning 2007, pp. 121-151.

Högselius, P. & Kaijser, A. (2006), Resurs eller avfall? Politiken kring hanteringen av använt kärnbränsle i Finland, Tyskland, Ryssland och Japan (Stockholm: SKB, 2007), 69 s.

Högselius, P. (2006), ”Connecting East and West? Electricity Systems in the Baltic Region”, in Van der Vleuten, E. and Kaijser, A. (eds), Networking Europe: Transnational Infrastructures and the Shaping of Europe, 1850-2000 (Cambridge: Science History Publications).

Högselius, P. (2006), ”Learning to Destroy: Case Studies of Creative Destruction Management in the New Europe”, in Kalvet, T. and Kattel, R. (eds), Creative Destruction Management: Meeting the challenges of the techno-economic paradigm shift (Tallinn: PRAXIS Center for Policy Studies), pp. 73-84.

Högselius, P. (2006), ”Kärnbränslehanteringens politiska mångfald: ett historiskt och internationellt perspektiv”, in Samhällsforskning 2006 (Stockholm: Svensk Kärnbränslehantering AB).

Högselius, P. (2003), “Technology Transfer and Innovation in the Baltic Sea Region A Cross-Border Perspective”, in Hedegaard, L. & Lindström, B. (eds), The NEBI Yearbook 2003: North European and Baltic Sea Integration, Berlin: Springer Verlag, p. 205-222.

Högselius, P. (2003), ”Can East European Countries Innovate?”, from a conference in Ålborg.

Högselius, P. (2002), “West-East Technology Transfer in the Baltic Sea Region A Systems of Innovation Perspective”, in Henningsen, B. (ed.), Towards a Knowledge-based Society in the Baltic Sea Region. Berlin: Verlag Arno Spitz, pp. 55-68.

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