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About me

PerH for webWelcome to my English-language blog and homepage. I’m an associate professor of history of science and technology, based at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm. I regard myself as a generalist interdisciplinary scholar, teacher, and writer, with a focus on analyzing both the past and the present from an historical point of view. My research and teaching usually takes present-day problems as a point of departure for historical analyses of “how we got here.” Another major feature of my academic effort is a strong emphasis on comparative and transnational studies. I’ve rarely written or taught anything dealing with one country only. I’ve been especially active in studying transnational European history and the history of East-West relations – through the lens of technology. Empirically, my focus has been on various international aspects in energy studies, the dynamics of innovation in information and communication technologies, infrastructure history more broadly, and increasingly on natural resources in a global geopolitical context.

I have a background in studies of various subjects, including physics, astronomy, history, German and East European studies. My PhD was in innovation studies (2005). I devote most of my working days to research and teaching at our wonderful Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment at KTH. See also my ongoing research projects.

I’m also active as a writer of popular history books and newspaper essays.

I grew up in the suburb of Skärholmen in southwestern Stockholm, and in 2007 I settled once again in Stockholm. Other places where I have spent much time in the past include Mainz, Moscow, Greifswald, Tartu, Linköping, Cracow, Milan, Lund, Wassenaar, Ürümqi, Beijing, and Kvarnåkershamn.


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