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Red Gas

March 9, 2013

My new book, Red Gas: Russia and the Origins of European Energy Dependence (Basingstoke and New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013), has now been published. It is part of Palgrave Macmillan’s Transnational History Series, and I hope it will be of interest to historians of the Cold War period. But I also hope that the book will be read not only by historians, but by academics and others interested in the present-day international energy debate, in Europe and elsewhere. I also have some ideas on building on research results from this project and, in combination with other research by myself and others, proceed to draw out more general implications in a theoretical and conceptual sense, and for policymakers.

I will be curious to see the reactions and reviews. As always with book projects, most of the research was carried out quite some time ago. But it has really consumed much of my time during the past few years, and the research underlying the book has taken me on long archival trips to Moscow, Kiev, Vienna, Berlin, Koblenz, Munich and Geneva. It has been great fun, but I also wonder if I will ever again have time to devote so much effort to a book.

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